lørdag 2. juni 2012

Still looking for myself

So my last post was a bit weird in a personal and direct way. I am still working my way, discovering my own sound and trying to be as independent as I can when it comes to the choises of instruments and settings in my songs. This spring was dedicated to making a few remixes in a project called "Let's Mix!".

What I realize as the project is about to be finished with my last remix is: It is hard to find yourself by remixing other people's work. The challenge is to not be bound by the original track and it's style. When working with tracks where you have to try isolating the vocals using EQs and various filters, you are bound to have a lot of covering up to do. You are left with a vocal track that has loads of the original instruments in it. You may be able to take away most of the bass sounds and the highest pitched sounds like hihats etc. But push that treshold too far and you end up with vocals sounding like they come from a radio in outer space.

So you end up living a creative nightmare and the constant risk of blowing the spectre and making the listener ill with your 15 cover-up instrument tracks. This is why I get excited when planning and prepping the vocal track for my last remix in this project. I was so lucky as to find a instrumental track from the artist himself identical to the full version of the song (minus the vocal track obviously) and then using the sweet power of audacity to isolate the vocals by Inverting the track. This gave me a pretty nice result (with a few rough spots, but it's very managable). And so I am sitting here with a clean almost project-file quality vocal track, and the creative process can begin. I guess working on your own sound when you have that much creative freedom is much more rewarding, and at the same time a great challenge. What direction should I take, and how far from the "script" can I go?

Well, this time my answer is simple: As far as I want! I don't make music to gain likes or make it big as an electronical producer, I make it cause I enjoy it, and if that one day takes me down the road of fame and glory (too much Game of Thrones lately? ;) I won't complain. But until then, I don't have any problems using my spare time making music for my own pleasure while having a normal job and studies. I don't NEED to sell out conserts to survive, and so I am somewhat happy just making music like I would, famous or not.

But who doesn't like likes?
so drop by K2music if you wanna support me with a like or a comment :D Very appreciated, and since all the music is free, who can complain :)

torsdag 27. oktober 2011

Finding myself

I am sitting at work, it is 06:55 am, and I am wondering where all this is going. My HTC is now playing the latest mastering attempt at the instrumental track for my latest song for the hundred-and-...th time. I just can't release the track until I know it is the way I want it to be. As of lately, I have started to care more about what others want my music to be. I have become more aware of the fact that this might be my only chance of making it big. That's probably the reason I started trying to make electronic music as well. I mean, as long as I can have a career in making music, it doesn't really matter if I'm on stage with a band or in front of a computer and some turn-tables... Or does it? I know I have a gift when it comes to the "non-electronic" music as almost any part of a conventional band, but that doesn't really help me when I am in need of 3 or 4 other persons to take on the road. Then it just seems simpler to just be alone with your talent and a computer to express it.

So what is the price of YOUR soul?

I could probably have fallen deeper than to get hooked on the dubstep-revolution. I mean have you heard scooter? :P The thing that puzzles me with this branch of the electronica genera is the attention to detail and progressive style. You can't get recognized by playing 4,5 minutes of the same drum track with some synth leads on top just repeating every bar with a variation added every 8 bars :P So am I really giving away that much of myself by doing it this way? I mean, it's not like there are bands figting over me, and getting my own band to get as passionate about music as I am, seems a task greater than what I care to spend my time on. I guess some people are happy doing the occasional local gig for free, but I want to go up and beyond. Touring the world and having crowds of thousands gathering to hear what I have made.

The thought makes me shiver. I can't help thinking I was born for this. So then why does it come so hard? I guess contacts and network means more today than talent. Getting yourself out there on your own is hard, VERY hard. But then what is life without challenges. I love to achieve great stuff on my own, cause I feel like the result is that much more satisfying when you see that you alone managed what others needed a lot of money or a big team to do.

So we wait and see. Maybe this is my big break, or maybe I fail hard at making this kind of music :P time will tell, as I search through my soul, enjoying the contrasts in anticipation of what I'll emerge as when I come out on the other side.